Tidung Island – Kepulauan Seribu, 2 Days 1 Night


Tidung Island – Kepulauan Seribu – DKI Jakarta

2 Days – 1 Nights

Nice trip to go there, with cheap price. With backpacker style we follow trip into Tidung Island. We go on Saturday morning, 03:00 PM from Gandul, Cinere, Depok. With 19 (nineteen) person go to the Muara Angke Harbour by public transportation. We pay IDR 20.000 (twenty thousand) rupiah. Arrive at Muara Angke we visit fuel transportation, for moslem do praying subuh, change clothes, go to toilet for preparation (need for this cause with ship, we need 3 hour journey)


At 07:00 PM the traditional shipping we start our journey come to Tidung Island, with the slow wave of the sea  and sunrise in the top of the ship. We very enjoy this time, when we saw the sky, we feel so beautiful, and we feel small and thanks to God give us good scenery, good health and safety till we can go this trip by ship.

Many times we take picture, we eat some snack, our stomach very, very hungry. Listen the ship machine, see the beautiful sky, see the slow wave of the sea , sometimes we can see the small fish, and of course the garbage in the sea.

Many people want visit this island, so crowded. Many people have not patient to wait turn over passenger. When we arrived this island, the travel already waiting for us, they accompany us to go rent house. For the information single price for each day is about IDR 400.000 – 450.000.

11:00 PM in the morning we arrive to Tidung Island, we get welcome lunch, after lunch we take rest a while. 12:30 AM we already use swimming clothes, ready for snorkeling.


In the place for distribution equipment we get glasses and tools for mouth (need for breathing in the water), food and “pelampung”.

We go the harbour, by traditional ship we go to the Payung Island, before we arrived at the Payung Island we do Snorkeling, and take picture under water. In this session we feel free to swim, snorkeling, see the fish in the water, give food to the fish, many fish arround my body to catch the food.


02:30 AM we continue our journey go to the Payung Island, we eat some food such as Bakso Urat mix with noodle, hot tea. Some moslem do Ashar Praying. The little mosque quite good. Before do everything there is a wall contains not salt water. We take bath with this water. So hard, not swallow.

Finish at 03:30 AM we continue take picture under sea / under water. This is very nice experince. We happy at the time, we sing a song together, we take photo several times, we take video also. We are very happy. Our burden disappear, we just enjoy that time.

05:00 AM we come back to rent house. We use bicycle to go “Love Bridge” in this place we can take photo, eat some food or just enjoy the sunset or we do some extreme jump from love bridge.

06:30 AM we have dinner, in this time we are hungry, we eat a lot of. In other time for moslem go the Mosque by bicycle. Surprise for me the Mosque architecture. So big, so high and beatiful architecture.

08:00 AM we have “barbekyu time” we burn “tongkol” fish in the beach, with small lamp, the situation so romantic to share future. What we become next. Or just call the family (in this area the signal is quite good)

11:30 AM we come back to the rent house, beside that some friend decided to go love bridge, just take some picture or have a cup of coffe in the beach.


On Sunday, 05:00 PM we go to the Love Bridge, we enjoy Sunrise, take some photo, after that we get some game in the water such as Banana Boat, Donuts Boat, Sofa Water, Kayak or do extreme jump in the love bridge directly to the sea. Every item of the game IDR 25.000 rupiah. If we bought 3 (three) game, we get 1 (one) free

09:00 AM we finish the water game, we come back to the rent house. We take a bath, have breakfast. 10:00 PM we already to the ship, 10:30 PM the ship go the Jakarta – Muara Angke. 14:00 AM we arrive at Muara Angke Harbour. By the public transportation IDR 5.000 rupiah each person we go to the Pluit Bus Way Shelter.

IDR 3.500 we can go to the Ragunan Shelter, we transit 1x (once) at the kuningan barat, and we stop at the kementerian pertanian.

By public transportation IDR 5.000 we arrive at Gandul, Cinere, Depok, Jawa Barat.

Special Thanks to the Ridwan (the idea coming), Seno (the organizer of this trip), Nia (with eye catching camera), Guna Putra Manik (with his camera), Saiful Mirza (with his camera, wait for share  the photo), Harlo (good motivate), Edwin (the powerfull man with melancolic heart), Arter (happy man every time), Al asari (good technique to swim), Elroy Parlindungan Siregar (good boy give us lesson to keep good attitude), Baiq Irasti (unpredictable girl and so excited), Merry (good spirit for travel), Rosalina (enjoy when the photo time session coming), Marsiyah (expression people with soft looking), Otrich (big power, never stop to make people happy, do something new), Lusi (brave to do something new, good human relation), Frantonius (good people, ready to help other any time), Fery Andrian (so excited, try something new)

We meet again, next trip.

14 – 15 October 2013 (arround that date), Singpore I Am Coming………………………………


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