Fasting Ramadhan, Horeee………………………………………………………….

“Nawaitu shouma ghodin” this is the intention sentences that we must said in the beginning (starting activity before fasting). What for we must fasting ? do the duty or obligation that show we are faith people. This duty not for all people just for faith moslem.

Manifestation of fasting is try to feel hunger. Hunger from poor people arround us. We never aware about this people. We just try to fullfill our stomach. We almost forget with this people. Fasting is one of the intangible worship.

If you can not do big thing at once, just Do something small routine everyday. Throw the garbage in to waste basket. Cleanliness, clean your room, your body, your clothes. Say hai to other, smile to the people.

In the morning when we had breakfast (sahur), this is the best time to stay close together, eat together, praying together. This is the happy time that I mean in the above (title of this writing).

In the afternoon when we feel hungry, we can understand how hungry people feel something like we feel right now. This is the best time also how we can share our thing to other that needed.

The best moment also when sunset coming (maghrib time) is many food available in the table, many people sell drink and food in the street (especially people near the mosque or traditional market). In this time we want (our appetite) want eat everything. But one by one, our stomach is full, can not add anymore. Our appetite want eat again but the condition not permit it. This is mean greedy.  We can not catch the essential of fasting.

After praying maghrib, we take rest for a while. We waiting for isya adzan. Go to the mosque, we go together with all friend, family etc. Suddenly the street so crowded, many people get outside toward to to the mosque.

The mosque is over capacity till many people praying tarawih in the street in front of the mosque. After this we have recitation. Read al-qur’an with group. One people read, another one listen and sometime correct them if they make mistake reading al-qur’an. I love this time, we can enjoy feel something different, many people reading al-qur’an. Every place in Indonesia there are different culture to welcome ramadhan month.

The sentences that always said by preacher “is this our last ramadhan ?”





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